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a girl about to cliff dive and almost drown to see the guy who dumped her super hard

a girl about to cliff dive and almost drown to see the guy who dumped her super hard

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BWTHHYBL? A tiny homage to a classic movie, the one we all love to love and the form of a micro pendant. These itty-bitty pendants are made entirely by hand, each one unique and full of character. A tiny figure stands atop a tall cliff, debating on diving over into the water below - cue edgy soundtrack. A minimalist call-out for the nerd inside, for the bookworms who waited for each release and debated on who would be cast in each vampiric role.

Necklace details:

  • the pendant measures approximately 7.6 x 6.6mm
  • the pendant with connector measures approximately 10 x 6.6mm
  • the necklace is sterling silver and fine silver, darkened with patina in recessed areas for contrast
  • 16" chain included, please add an order note if you'd prefer an 18" chain instead.

Made-to-order item:

  • please allow 1-2 weeks for all made-to-order pieces. all made-to-order pieces will vary slightly from listing photos.
  • wearability recommendation

    Mohs Rating:
    Toughness Rating:

    our note about handmade items

    Each piece is handmade and has character. We do our best to pick photographs that accurately represent how each piece and stone looks up close and in person, please keep in mind that they may appear differently depending on lighting and other factors. If you'd like to see additional photos or have questions please feel free to contact us.

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