As a graphic designer and mom of two wild kids, I've grown to embrace chaos to appreciate the beautiful imperfections in life, and hunt for ways to extend that to my own wardrobe.

My goal is to encapsulate that feeling with cauw, by offering thoughtfully designed, hand-forged jewelry inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Each piece you’ll find here is mulled over and carefully crafted; fueled by the desire to share the slightly imperfect but beautiful chaos.

I handcraft my pieces from start to finish. Each piece that leaves my studio is created with care and treated with love and attention to detail. There's no exciting mass production, no giant batches of rings in and out of my workshop, no glamorous truckloads of expedited shiny things.

While this takes a little bit longer, while it's less lucrative and flashy, it affords me the opportunity to create unique meaningful pieces.

My books are closed for custom work but you're always welcome to shoot me a message if you're looking for something special.